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Solar System Webquest


Your company has just been given an opportunity to design a new guidebook for the Solar System.  An intergalactic committee of travel agents has decided that their guidebook to the solar system is hopelessly out of date and they want your help. Your job is to design a travel brochure that highlights at least 5 different places in our Solar System. The intergalactic committee of travel agents will then select the best guidebook and present that team with the honorary Galaxy Award.

To impress the panel of judges:

  • You and another co-worker will design a travel brochure that highlights at least 5 places in the Solar System. For each place, you must include information about its location, climate, surface, and any special attractions.
  • You and your co-worker will choose 5 places from the following list. You must choose 2 inner planets and 2 outer planets. Your fifth location can be from anywhere on the chart.
    Inner Planets
    Outer Planets
    Other Places
    Mercury Jupiter Pluto
    Venus Saturn Sun
    Earth Uranus Earth's Moon
    Mars Neptune  


In order to participate in this opportunity of a lifetime, you will have to become a solar system expert.  To become a solar system expert you must:

  • Explore and research information about the the Solar System using Grolier Online and Brain Pop.
  • Use the designated websites to research the information.
  • Visit the school's media center or public library to gather books and resources about the solar system.
  • Print and use the research log to record all the information you gather.


Your travel guide will be judged by the Intergalactic Committee of Travel Agents(a.k.a. Your teacher)

The following criteria will be used:

Accuracy of Facts(Your research log will be evaluated. This must be turned in with your travel guide.)

Is your travel guide well-organized?(headings, bold words, columns)

Is your travel guide exciting for potential tourists?( photos, colors and clip-art)


Travel Guides will be displayed for all Edison Teachers and the winning design will receive the Amazing Galaxy Award.

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